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Walking In Nature

Charming Critters of the Forest Downloadable Art Bundle

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Bring the Wildlife of America's Forests to Your Home

What You Get

-You'll get 4 unique drawings of some of the beautiful wildlife that can be found in America's forests--a chipmunk, a gray squirrel, a red fox, and a opossum.

-Your art comes in 1 zip file. This zip file contains 12 high resolution jpg files--3 files for each of the 4 animals. Those 3 files are different sizes--they come in 5x7, 8x10, and 16x20.

 -Instant download. You'll have access to your files immediately. Need a quick gift? Worried about how long it will take to get? With digital downloads, there's no worry about the wait.
-This is more than a 30 dollar value for only $21.95 for the bundled set.
-Since these are only for personal use, and not commercial use, you'll get a unique work of art that is not found in stores.
-Every item sold plants a tree, so a portion of every sale goes back into nature.

A framed print of a squirrel with its back to us climbing up the print, with a faded landscape in the background.  The print is hanging on the wall over a cluttered desk, with a lamp to the right.


Printable art is a quick and affordable way to add a splash of style to your home, office, or to give as a gift.

A framed print of a hand drawn chipmunk in front of a faded background.  The print is sitting on the floor, leaning against a white wall.

Easy to Print

Print from your home printer, take it to a local printer, or go online for a company to print it for you and ship it your way.

A framed print of a hand drawing red fox sitting in front of a faded background.  The print is hanging on a white wall above a counter with bowls, a coffee cup, and wooden spoons on the counter.

Artistic, Creative Design

Every design is a unique work of art that has been hand drawn by me.

A person with long curly brown hair and glasses, in a gray zip up hoodie and black jeans is sitting on the floor smiling.  A table is behind her, and a canvas print is on the floor.

I'm Christine, the artist behind these nature and wildlife drawings. I've been an artist for over 15 years now, and I've dedicated my work to capturing the magic and beauty of the natural world.

A framed print of a hand drawn landscape with trees, and mountains.

Exclusive Bundle Only Landscape

You'll also get this unique digital downloadable landscape in 2 sizes (16x20 and 8x10) only available with this bundle. It'll come with the other 12 files, for a total of 14 files, for you to download.