About Me

Passionate Nature Lovers

Have you ever looked into an animal's eyes and seen its emotions? Or taken a hike, and listened to the sounds of nature? What makes a hike special? Is it the views, the journey, the animals, or something else? Or is it all of those things?

I create nature themed designs to help spread the love for our beautiful planet and the animals that share it with us. The threat of climate change is growing, and the destruction of habitats, trees, and wildlife is devastating. But together we can make a difference. Even the shirts I use are eco-friendly.

If we find a way to live in harmony with nature, then nature will live in harmony with us.

bout the Artist
Here is one of my art tutorials on YouTube: 

As a child, one of my favorite things to do was be outside. I loved it. There were woods behind the house where I grew up, and I spent hours playing in those woods. There are nature trails I've walked so many times they feel like home.

If I wasn't outside, then I was drawing. Paper wasn't always required. While I got into plenty of trouble drawing on desks (I couldn't help myself), it morphed into a lifelong love of creating. I think nature and art are all part of the same passion.

Now I take hikes whenever I can. I go on vacations specifically with the idea of hiking in mind. I want to see and explore more of our world. It's a beautiful place. And I also draw as much as I can.

And this is where nature and art intersect, with one geeky, sci-fi and fantasy loving, history obsessed, hiker who is an artist passionate about nature.