You're a Hiker, Harry!

You're a Hiker, Harry!

Hogwarts?  Wizards?  Chocolate Frogs?  

Glenfinnan viaduct, which is in Scotland, is where they filmed the train scenes in the Harry Potter movies.  It's a nice ride from Fort William to Glenfinnan Station, and then on to Malaig.  If you get off at Glenfinnan Station, the Glenfinnan viaduct is only a couple of miles away.  The train also rides right over it.  The Jacobite train you take on your journey is the same train they used in the filming of the movies as well.  The first class section is where the students all hung out on the train.  Sadly, when the trolley came by, they did not have chocolate frogs.  Nor did we find Hogwarts.  I guess we're muggles after all.

The views here are incredible.  Mountains and trees surround the area, and the station is nestled in between them.  It's beautiful to see even without Hogwarts.  The area is fabulously magical.  Maybe I won't give up on my Hogwarts dream yet.  I feel like they just need someone to build it for them!  Any other Ravenclaws around?

It's a nice train ride, and I'd recommend exploring the area near Glenfinnan viaduct.  It's gorgeous!    


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