Yes I Cannes, France

Yes I Cannes, France

This is a beautiful town in France.  It is also the only city I've been to in France.  It had a market set up the day we were there--I don't know if it's there every day, or if it comes and goes.  But it was cool to see it, with home made items, and incredible things. 

There were beautiful quaint alleys leading off to different places.  The beach ran along the town.  It was chilly that day, but people were playing in the water.  There was a large shipping dock, with tons of ships of all sizes.  We had good food at a place whose name I can't remember.  When we asked for our check so we could pay for the food, we learned that check is not check in French.  We didn't know how to say it, and finally gestured to the payment signs outside the restaurant door. 

The water was pretty.  You could see the mountains on the other side of the inlet.  Beautifully quaint houses sat in the hillsides around the town.  You can climb a steep hill to see Musee de la Castre, which is an art museum in a castle.  That was also worth the climb.  From the top of that hill you could look out over the harbor and town nestled in the mountains.  It was fabulous.  It's worth a visit! 

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