The View from Taormina, Sicily, Overlooking the Ionian Sea

The View from Taormina, Sicily, Overlooking the Ionian Sea

Taormina is a beautiful Italian hill town.  This is a charming and historical little village perched high above the Ionian Sea with views like few others have. In fact, it was for these reasons that the Greek philosopher Plato once called Taormina “the most beautiful site in Italy”.


Taormina has amazing views. There are lots of hiking trails in the mountains surrounding Taormina. The most well-known trail is the Path of the Gods. This trail leads to the top of Mount Etna, Europe’s largest and most active volcano. If you’re not up for hiking, you can always take a boat tour of the Ionian Sea instead.


This photo was taken next to the Greek Amphitheater overlooking Taormina, with Mount Etna in the background.  The Ionian sea is below, and was such a vibrant blue.


I also highly recommend trying Da Cristina’s while you’re there—they had incredible food, including the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life.  Their arancinis were also spectacular.


Taormina is a fantastic place to visit. It’s a beautiful town perched high above the Ionian Sea, and it’s also a very popular vacation destination. While it has its fair share of tourists, you can easily escape the crowds by taking a few steps away from the main square. 


It’s easy to find a breathtaking view no matter where you are in the town.

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