Sheep, and Cows, and Fences...Oh My!

Sheep, and Cows, and Fences...Oh My!

The first time I went to the Yorkshire Dales in England was back in 2012.  I'd been to England before--but to London.  While that visit was cool, London is like any other big city.  While in London, we took the train up to Salisbury to see Stonehenge.  And I was completely enamored with the landscape!  I said that if I ever went back to England, I wanted to see the countryside. 

Fast forward back to 2012, and a friend of mine who I travel with quite a lot, randomly asked if I wanted to go to England with him and his wife.  I had no reason to say no, so I said yes!  And I'm glad I did.  Of all the places I've visited, the Yorkshire Dales remains one of my favorites.  England has right of way laws that basically mean if the path existed before the property, than the property owner has to make sure the path still exists.  There are tons of stone fences that fill the landscape, and they always have exits where a path cuts through the property.  I love hiking there.  There are hiking paths all over the place of varying lengths.  Some are relatively short, and some could take you the entire day.  There's a coast to coast hike that some people will do, that mostly follows the old Roman road.  There are castles, and pubs, history, sheep, cows, and fences.  There are very few trees--just rolling green hills.  Once you get started on a hike, the only thing around you is sheep, cows, and fences.  The only thing you'll hear is baaing, and the occasional moo.  It's quiet and beautiful. 

One of my favorite things to see is the sheep.  They just amuse me.  They'll be out in their fields, eating all day.  But when that gets too much, they'll drop down on their front knees, and keep eating with their butts sticking up in the air.  And when that gets to be too much, they'll lie down completely, and continue eating the grass they can reach.  If they still don't want to stand back up, they'll shift enough they have new grass to eat so they don't have to get up.  It's amusing to watch! 

If you're looking for a place with great hikes, and beautiful landscapes, I would recommend the Yorkshire Dales.  It can be a bit cold up there year 'round, so I recommend bringing layers and waterproof items just in case.   

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