Back in 2016, I went to Scotland.  We stayed in a place in Pitlochry, right next to the Moulin Hotel.  The hotel had a pub attached to it, which was convenient.  We could also walk into the main part of town and hop on the train when we wanted. 

We hiked up Ben Vrackie one day while we were there.  I'd highly recommend that hike.  Ben Vrackie has uneven stone steps all the way up (although in the UK, I've seen more precarious steps than that).  Anytime I wanted to stop and take pictures, I had to make sure my feet were planted first, and then I could look around.  You can see the highlands from the top.  The photo was taken right at the bottom of it--which is a good distance into the hike, but before we started climbing the mountain.  In the distance you can see a dot on the hill--that's another hiker.  We took one way to get there, and then followed the long trail to get back.  There's a big loop you can do.  It was cold and hot.  We sat at the top and had lunch before we climbed back down.  

We were there in May, and there was still snow on the tops of some of the mountains.  The sun never fully set at that time where we were.  It would get to be about 8pm, and then look like dusk the rest of the night.  It made it very easy to lose track of time, and in some cases was 11pm, and we didn't realize it.  It was an amazing trip.  

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