Forests and History: The Mayan Ruins of Dzibanti

Forests and History: The Mayan Ruins of Dzibanti

The ancient Mayan ruins of Dzibanti may seem like it is reserved for history buffs, but there is a lot of nature to enjoy there as well.

Pyramids and temples sit tucked away in forests, making it impossible to see everything from one spot.  Trees are growing out of the structures as nature slowly reclaims them.  There’s something quite beautiful about seeing nature and history blend together.

They allow you to climb on the structures, but the steps are very steep, especially on this particular pyramid.  I crawled my way up and sat down to scoot my way down.

The site is huge, and there are more buildings to see than you would think.  A few trees here, the ancient ruins of buildings there—quite a great walk through the woods!

Out of the places I visited in Mexico, Dzibanti was one of my favorites.  There were other Mayan sites, like Zuhulich, that also had a blend of nature and history, but Dzibanti’s was stunning.  There’s just something amazing about walking through a forest, rounding a corner, and coming face to face with an ancient Mayan pyramid.  It’s beautiful.

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