Enjoying Nature

Enjoying Nature

During a long hike, do you like to stop to just take in the scenery once in awhile?

I've seen so many incredible things while hiking. Even though I take photographs, I try to remember to pause every once in a while, put the camera down, and just enjoy the view before I start walking again.

It's calming to pause a hike for a few minutes to enjoy the view, and let myself reflect on and feel how amazing it all is. But in the bustle of it all, it's something I have to remind myself to do.

It's easy to forget to pause when I'm hiking, and surrounded by incredible things, and being immersed in nature. That seems like it would be a pause all on its own--and in some ways it is. But actually stopping, and fully taking in the views, is different.

This sheep looks like she was doing that--the right moment to snap a shot. She just happened to blink when I shot this. But she looks so peaceful here, before she trots after her little baby who had run ahead.

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