How have you been impacted by the virus?

There's a lot of reason for people to be anxious.  I have many health conditions that I take medication for.  I don't necessarily have the direct risk factors, though.  While I have a heart condition, it's not heart disease.  And my auto-immune diseases don't require Immuno suppressants.  I also manage them with the anti-inflammatory diet.  

My father has some risk factors, though.  He has heart disease and diabetes.  I'm worried for him.  I have many friends with asthma and other conditions that could put them at risk.  I already know a friend of a friend who has died from this.  

On top of that, the economy is now crashing.  If people weren't scared enough, losing their income is another blow.  I'm worried I won't be able to pay my bills with the way things are going.  Every day is a struggle to remain positive, and not let the anxiety creep in.  But I know all of us are dealing with the fallout of this virus in one way or another.

The good news is that the climate is recovering a bit--but it's not worth a major pandemic killing millions of people for that to happen.  We have a rare moment in history where the entire world knows what we're all going through.  This incredible snapshot of empathy, as we all face the same fears.  Society's all over the world are being pushed to their breaking points.  I hope this means we'll emerge with even stronger bonds of humanity between us, no matter our country, or culture, or race. 

In the face of such extremes, nature is one of the best things for our mental health.  If you can, take a moment to go outside.  Take a walk in a park (but remember to keep at least 6 feet away from anyone else).  Just take it in, and enjoy it.  Maybe it can ease your anxiety for just a moment.

I hope you and yours stays healthy and safe.  My thoughts are with everyone who is affected.  

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